The Two Birthday Cakes series of children’s self-help books was written in response to the lack of children’s books available on the topic of separation and divorce. Lawyer/mediators Danielle Jaku-Greenfield and Nicky McWilliam of Sydney Mediation Partnership have responded to separating parents reaching out to them about how they can “tell the children”. 

Endorsed by child psychologists and relationship counsellors, these self-help colouring-in books, will reassure children that there is life after separation, and that there can even be a positive side. The books take the reader through Bronte’s story of how she, and her brother Jeremy, came to have two homes, two toothbrushes and among other things, Two Birthday Cakes. It is based on true stories and will hopefully help children in the same boat.

In Two Birthday Cakes and Baby Jack, Bronte and Jeremy hear the exciting news that Daddy and his new partner Anna are expecting a baby boy (who will be called Jack). In the context of a recent family separation, Bronte and Jeremy talk to their mummy about their feelings in relation to this news.

The Two Birthday Cakes series is published by Sydney Mediation Partnership. The two books currently in the series are: Two Birthday Cakesand Two Birthday Cakes and Baby Jack. The first was written by Danielle Jaku-Greenfield and the second book was written by Nicky McWilliam. Both were illustrated by Lindi Greenfield.